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clothes moths

Clothes and fur moths are butterflies and belong to the true moth family. They are spread worldwide and have their main flight period from May to August. In heated rooms, they can be found all year round. Usually, the larvae live in bird nests or mammal dwellings. They form cocoon tubes, in which they mainly stay and feed on the keratin in animal hair (wool, fur) or feathers.

Neither species are vectors, but they are material pests with damage caused by larval feeding. Products made of animal tissue, such as woolen fabrics, furs, or insulation materials, become pitted or bare due to feeding damage. Plant-based material or synthetic fabrics cannot be digested by the larvae but are also eaten, especially if they are mixed fabrics. Moths spread either by active flight from one building to the next, or more commonly by carrying infested materials and objects.

In our breeding, we keep sensitive strains of species
material pests:

Tineola bisselliella (clothes moths)

Tineola pellionella (fur moths)